Most millennials likely have three things in mind: spending less, new experiences, and attempting to discover the things (and people) that spark joy. But achieving these goals don’t require as much sacrifice as you think. You can live the lifestyle you want and spare your wallet in the process by opting to access, rather than buy, the following products.

Camping Gear

Let’s face it, how often do you really go camping? For those who make their sporadic pilgrimage to Mother Nature, renting camping gear is a great way to avoid buying an expensive tent or stove that’ll take space in your closet until next year’s trip.

Winter Attire

You only see snow on your best friend’s annual weekend ski trip. Do you really need to have that massive puffy coat when you live in a fair weather city?

Large suitcases

Suitcases take up space. A lot of it. A carry-on or duffel will usually suffice for shorter trips but doesn’t cut it on an extended vacation. Borrow a larger piece of luggage for your next big trip where traveling light isn’t a priority — but having ten outfit options is.


You’ve just been invited to a costume party (side note: why do people have these outside of Halloween?) and you need a get-up that you’ll only ever wear once. Rent a legitimate costume and save some serious cash.


Stuntin’ is a habit. Well, only sometimes. Test a pair of these hard to find sneakers and show off your newly acquired streetwear attire.


It’s time to host a housewarming party, but the only thing your wall carries is a bare coat of eggshell white paint. You’ll want to spruce up the new place and impress coworkers and family, but let’s face it, you’re not ready to commit serious cash on a painting… yet. Bring on the rented Picasso.


Now that your smartphone can shoot high-quality HDR photos, it really doesn’t make sense to buy a fancy camera, especially since it seems like new models are released each year. Unless you need a specific shot, a GoPro on your next beach trip will suffice. That underwater selfie? It’ll cause all your friends to double tap in awe.

Golf Clubs

The boss invites you to play a full round but your equipment is at your parents place in the suburbs. You’re aiming for a promotion and don’t want to disappoint. So access a pair of clubs, put in the overtime, and earn that raise.

Air Mattresses

While grateful, we all know staying with a friend typically means an evening on the couch. If you’re a millennial with a guest room, please raise your hand. Sleep in full comfort by bringing your own bed.