It’s day four of 2018, and we’re sprinting off the line with our first big announcement of the year: Our VP of Product & Growth, Ryan Delk, has taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer here at Omni.

Since first joining the fray in November of 2015, Delk (as he’s known to pretty much everyone) has hustled harder — and smarter — than almost anyone I’ve worked with. Not only has he always been all in on our vision, but he’s doubled down as a lynchpin contributor at every opportunity in virtually every area of the company: You’d be hard pressed to find an employee at Omni that hasn’t turned to Delk as a leader, sounding board, or advocate. Every day, he goes above and beyond to ensure that we shape Omni to be the solution that changes how the world values access vs. ownership, and every day he helps our employees see the forest through the trees.

One of the core values at Omni that is sacred to me is what we’ve called “Start with Hospitality” — we approach every interaction from a place of how can I be helpful? — It requires us to leave egos at the door and focus on how we can win together, not just fulfill individual goals. This is something Delk lives by and embodies every day, demonstrating a leadership style that puts teamwork, accountability, transparency, and respect at the helm. For some time, it’s been clear to me, our board, and our advisors that Delk’s leadership is one of Omni’s greatest assets. He thinks about problems in multiple dimensions, and puts our members’ experiences first (both of which are squarely within our core values).

A year ago, in addition to his role leading the growth team, Delk became the defacto-then-official Head of Product, and was successful in pushing huge milestones across the finish line — including the launch of our Search and Rentals features — that prove Omni is delivering the big vision we’ve promised. Simultaneously, he continued to add value everywhere, leading business development efforts, recruiting and closing key talent, even grinding through late-night sessions to process backlogs of items.

As COO, Delk will level-up our day-to-day operations across the company, enabling us to take on an even bigger influx of customers, inventory, and appointments. He will also lead our market expansion plans, readying us to hit the ground running when Omni ventures to new cities. He will continue to push hard on the expansion and evolution of our product, and we have some exciting things to announce very soon on that front. I am pumped to continue working in lockstep with Delk as we shape the future of access-over-ownership,