On the heels of last week’s announcement about our new COO, I’m excited to share more game-changing news for Omni.

Last month we closed a deal with Ripple Inc. for more than $25MM in new capital from Ripple executives with participation from Highland Capital. Stefan Thomas, Ripple’s CTO, is joining our board, and Chris Larsen, Ripple’s executive chairman and co-founder, is joining our advisory board.

Just as Ripple facilitates the frictionless transfer of money, Omni provides seamless access to the things you need, when you need them, wherever you are. This capital will allow us to make this a reality everywhere. Join us.

As we build new features and expand our service, we’re also building avenues for the reduction of waste, the aggregation and distribution of resources, the creation of quality jobs, the preservation of income, and another means of human connection.

Thank you to Ripple, Highland, all our investors, our members, friends, and followers the world over. I am humbled by your support and fueled by your belief in Omni’s mission. This is only the beginning.

To Living Lighter