Omni is excited to announce our third executive hire in 2018: Dave Young has joined Omni as our new VP of Engineering, leading Omni’s diverse engineering team responsible for both consumer-facing and line-of-business applications. Dave brings over a decade of startup engineering experience and expertise driving growth through technology in fast-changing markets. Dave was the founding CTO of Blue Shell Games, a bootstrapped social games company that reached over 40 million players. And before Blue Shell, Dave was the VP of Engineering at Slide, Inc.

Dave’s role as VP Engineering is two-fold: first, he will nurture existing talent and recruit best-in-class engineers to join the Omni family. Second, he will focus on leveling-up our engineering process at Omni, taking a proven, battle-tested scrappy startup and laying down the rails for scale.

Trust is paramount in everything we do at Omni. The ability to safely move peoples’ things around a network of warehouses, vehicles, drop-off/pick-up locations, and to ultimately power delightful user experiences is an extension of the code and the engineering organization that builds it. Dave gets this, he’s excited for this, and he’s up to the challenges. Dave has twice managed teams to success at his previous companies. He knows what it’s like to build to scale and knows what it takes to win.

In the month he’s been at Omni, Dave has already integrated himself into the fabric of the company, creating unique solutions to management that resonate with his team, and adding seasoned insight to key executive decisions. I always look to hire people that are better than me at their job and inspire me to be better at my job — Dave does both of these daily. Onward!

To Living Lighter,