We’re thrilled to announce that Madhu Prabaker has joined Omni as our new VP of Product & Growth.

Madhu joins us from HotelTonight where he spent a year and a half building an exceptional mobile e-commerce experience, increasing engagement and driving growth. Prior to HotelTonight, Madhu led product teams at Peerspace and Yelp. He has and will continue to push the boundaries of mobile commerce by making the complex seem simple — a must at Omni.

Madhu is passionate about building technology for cities of the future. At Omni, he will be the architect connecting people with items in their community so we can all own less and have access to more.

With seven years of experience building two-sided consumer marketplaces and a newfound love for home improvement projects, Madhu is the perfect fit for this role and we’re excited for what we’ll build together.

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