On June 6th, 2018 I fired off this tweet:

We had some big ideas about how to shift our current operating model. We needed someone who could execute stealth experiments, prove out the thesis, and then — if it worked — build a team to help integrate and scale the next evolution of Omni.

That made this hire tricky. The right person had to be scrappy enough to execute in the short term, but have world-class leadership chops to scale a team if (when) it worked. In fact, I was skeptical we could find the exact right person.

After a lot of noise and meeting with some great-but-not-perfect candidates, I got this DM:

Bec and I met a few days later. During our first conversation, it was clear that she shared our conviction on what the future should look like and had deep operational expertise building and scaling new business models. Bec immediately identified opportunities to help our current model evolve and scale this future much more quickly.

We knew this role was crucial for Omni, and we knew we had to nail this hire.

At Omni, we look for a few things in candidates for critical leadership roles:

1: A track record of execution — can this person lead a team to deliver exceptional results?

2: A spark — do they have a unique insight about the problem we’re solving?

3: Inspiration — will I be inspired to do better work by working with this person, and (more importantly) will the team feel the same?

Good leaders have 2 out of 3; great leaders have all 3.

(For the best candidates, you can usually tell within a few minutes whether they’re 3-for-3.)

A few weeks after our first conversation, Bec quietly joined us to start testing our operating model thesis and what could become the next evolution of Omni. A few months later, she began leading an incredible new team to scale these efforts and turn the thesis into reality (more on that next month).

Bec Hu, VP of Special Projects

Before Omni, Bec led teams at SeatGeek, Stripe, LinkedIn, and (most relevant to us) UberEats. She was a key leader in scaling UberEats from 0 to 200,000 restaurants, building a sales team from 5 to 1,000’s of reps, and launching hundreds of new markets.

It is incredibly difficult to build a new business model on top of existing infrastructure while structuring a rapidly scaling team to keep up with the growth (some say UberEats is the fastest growing startup of all time). Bec did it.

And unlike many leaders who drive growth at the expense of the unexpendable, Bec has that rare ability to drive toward a vision, not just a number, so the individuals with the great fortune of working for her grow as well.

Bec’s team at Omni is architecting a new expansion model to get Omni in the hands of more people, faster. This new operating model allows us to launch new markets 3–4x faster with substantial increases to our operating margin, which translates into savings for our users. We can move even faster toward the future that we all want — where we seamlessly access items in our community by sharing ownership.

We’re hard at work on this new model (and new markets!) that we’ll unveil soon. I’ve never been more excited about the work that we’re doing right now, and I can’t wait for Bec to share more.


Interested in joining Bec’s team? She’s hiring for an Account Executive, Account Manager, and BD Lead. We’re also hiring for many other roles in San Francisco, Portland, and Salt Lake City. Don’t see your perfect role? Send me a note: r@beomni.com.