A few months ago, we launched the Omni Platform in Los Angeles and New York City (as well as in our existing markets - San Francisco and Portland, OR) with a new offering for local businesses. Since then, hundreds of businesses have used Omni’s marketplace to list rentals for their communities. In the process of onboarding these businesses, we learned just how dire the need is for more software solutions for rentals businesses of all sizes. Our partners made requests for tools to help maintain good relationships with their customers, manage their inventory and liability, and properly handle payments.

Today we’re announcing the pilot of Omni Lite, the first tier of our new B2B Platform product built to enable the next generation of retail - where items can get more utilization and produce more revenue than they would in a one-directional system. With Omni Lite, any store anywhere can join this movement, increasing their revenue and decreasing consumption.

It’s exciting to give businesses the tools they need to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving retail landscape and join the shift to a more circular economy. Instead of hoping to sell a tent to customers who will use it just a couple of times a year, businesses can rent out that same tent every weekend. Omni Lite enables businesses to track that tent from the shelf to the mountain, to cleaning, and back to the shelf. With Omni Lite, businesses can also get coverage so they’re protected in the event things get a little rocky up there on Mount Hood. And when the same customer returns to the store before their next camping trip, the owner can make recommendations based on the customer’s previous rental experience.

We’ve been piloting Omni Lite amongst some of our current partners and will now be expanding that pilot outside our current metros. If you're interested in testing it out, please email pilotlite@omni.co.

Now that this product is nearly complete and our new business model is ready to scale, our COO Ryan Delk is moving on to build solutions for another big problem he’s passionate about. (He’ll have more to share on that soon.) Ryan has been an integral part of making Omni what it is today. He joined Omni as our VP of Growth in 2015, took over Product in 2016, and moved into the role of COO in 2017.

In the craziness of an evolving startup, Ryan has handled everything from working in temporary containers to launching new cities, late nights of planning with the team, and singing Happy Birthday to everyone on his team for his entire tenure. Most importantly, he managed to be an amazing father and husband through moments of true chaos. If you know Ryan, you know this is exactly the way he wanted to make this transition - to leave us on a high note with an awesome foundation to build off. He will be sorely missed. When you start a company, you hope to work with quality people. I got lucky and also gained a brother.

Ryan spent the past four years of his life building tools that enable a world where everyone has access to more, shifting ownership as we know it forever. I can’t wait to see what he builds next.

To use a phrase Ryan has oft-repeated in his time at Omni…Onwards!