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Omni named to 2024 Redpoint’s InfraRed 100 Report

Recognized for building decision-making infrastructure

Omni on Nasdaq tower

Today, I’m back in NYC to celebrate Omni’s inclusion in Redpoint’s InfraRed 100 Report — recognizing the most promising private companies in cloud infrastructure. 

On my trip last year, I reflected on what it means for Omni to be the decision-making infrastructure for organizations. From the start, we’ve built Omni to strike a balance between trusted, governed BI experiences and a fast, flexible data exploration environment — to help all decision-makers feel confident using data to do their jobs. But if I’m being honest, last year it still felt aspirational: we had launched just six months earlier, and even though our customers used Omni daily, ‘critical infrastructure’ was a badge we still had to earn.

Fast forward to today: Omni is relied on by thousands of users across companies — big and small, public and private. Our customers use Omni to inform critical business decisions, drive operations, and monitor results.

This year, the term infrastructure has also taken on a new meaning for us because of our embedded analytics offering. Now, our customers can deliver fast, powerful, and beautiful data experiences inside their applications using Omni’s data infrastructure. This gets them up and running with a new data product in days, not months, saving teams valuable hours and resources they’d need to build it themselves.

For example, UK-based company PrimaryBid used Omni’s embedded analytics to build a customer-facing data product in less than one week. They did all of this with a team of just five: two engineers to build the front-end portal, a designer for input, and two data leaders to create the Omni reports. Historically, building data products required product teams to compromise between shipping fast and building a beautiful, customized experience. Today, we’re proud to provide infrastructure that helps our customers launch faster and scale with the demands of their business.

Example of PrimaryBid customer-facing dashboards built with Omni
“We wanted to give our customers a truly modern analytics experience without needing to invest significant front-end engineering resources to build it. Of the many embedded analytics products we evaluated, Omni was the only one that would make it possible for us to achieve that goal.” Jonny Dungay, Analytics and BI Lead at PrimaryBid

In addition to helping our customers build data products, we’ve also leveled up our own product and infrastructure. Now, we offer even more granular content and data permissions to ensure information is only seen by those who are supposed to see it. Our new Git integration enables users to manage changes to Omni in lockstep with other application changes. We’ve updated our querying layer to auto-scale — ensuring users never wait for data. And much, much more, with new functionality shipping every week.

Over the coming years, we’ll keep up the work to continue earning our infrastructure badge as we help customers run their businesses and ship data products at scale. It’s been an honor to be welcomed back to Nasdaq with the 2024 Redpoint InfraRed 100, and I’m looking forward to what the next year brings!

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