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Driving growth by balancing data and marketing

Data expert interview with Sarah Krasnik Bedell, Growth Lead @ Prefect

Recently, I sat down with, Growth Lead @ Perfect to learn from her data expertise.


Delightful content creation and user administration

Highlights from new features we built this month

Earlier this month, we passed 10,000 Github pull requests - meaning we’re closing over 150 issues per week! So, I can honestly say we are improving Omni’s business intelligence platform each day. 🤯


Data Tales of Middle-earth

Analyzing Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth

As part of my first week at Omni, I took some time to acclimate myself to the Omni by connecting a small dataset of Magic: The Gathering draft analytics that I had sitting in a local Postgres database.


Making dashboards more interesting

Introducing embedded iframes to enhance your favorite dashboard

We've all seen them, and many of us have created them. The classic business intelligence dashboard - charts, filters, tables, KPIs, oh my!


Deeper modeling, fluid explorations & richer dashboards

Highlights from new features we built this month

Each day, we’re adding new things to make Omni do more and feel even better. We’re so busy building and working with customers, and I want to be better about capturing and sharing the new things I’m most excited about.


Omni named to inaugural Redpoint InfraRed 100

Recognizing business intelligence as cloud infrastructure

LIVE FROM NEW YORK - Today, I’m proud to announce Omni’s recognition on the first edition of the Redpoint InfraRed 100, a list of the next 100 promising private companies in cloud infrastructure


Scheduling dashboards in Omni

...Because sometimes you DO just want an email

I’ve spent nearly a decade helping people get more out of their BI tool (as well as being a user of various tools myself), and there’s one data consumption mode we all just can’t seem to shake - good ole’ emailed PDFs.


What makes Snowflake successful?

And why I think the answer is all about ease

Recently, I was asked what makes Snowflake so successful as a business, and my answer is a pretty simple one - they make life easy for data people.


Announcing a Ducking awesome integration

Omni support for MotherDuck

We don't think you should have to compromise when it comes to your data. This is why we empower data analysts with the speed of SQL and the governance of a data model...


Setting up a CRM at a start-up

How we selected, set up, and started to scale our Salesforce

After nearly a decade of working in data modeling tools, I am enthusiastic to work on the next generation of model-based BI.


Betting on the future of data modeling

Learnings from the evolution of BI

After nearly a decade of working in data modeling tools, I am enthusiastic to work on the next generation of model-based BI.


Omni Named to 5th Annual Enterprise Tech 30 List

Presented by Wing Venture Capital

Omni named to the fifth annual Enterprise Tech 30 - a definitive list of the most promising, private enterprise tech companies across all stages of maturity. Omni ranks on the list of the ten companies in the Early category.


Omni achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance

...and how we’ve been building secure cloud analytics since day one

We are proud to announce that Omni has completed our first SOC 2 Type II audit. The audit report contains no exceptions and is available now upon request


Building a start-up financial model

How to get started, enrich, and tune your first financial model for efficiency

To build a truly great company you need more than an outstanding product, you need a business machine that works.


Introducing the next version of Omni workbooks

To help you navigate and collaborate through the winding journey of data

Data work isn’t linear. You start out with a question and (hopefully) a rough idea of how to get the answer.


Unified Analysis Across Replicated Schemas

Our First Real Omni Use Case

One amusing challenge of building a data company is you don’t have enough good data problems early to exercise your platform.


Introducing Permissions in Omni

User management is not fun, we are focused on making it great.

The design of a permissions system revolves around choices like which resources and actions can be permissed, how they can be granted, and what the defaults are for new users and resources.


Reflecting on One Year of Omni

Giving every user freedom.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve built in such a short time.


Press Release: Omni Announces Commercial Availability

On February 28, 2023 we announced the commercial availability of the Omni business intelligence platform for internal analytics.


Things to think about when building a data stack

Conversation between Colin Zima and Daniel Mintz

Be pragmatic. Don't overbuild. Build what you need for the team on hand and the business goals.


The right time to invest in Business Intelligence.

Wondering when the right time to invest in business intelligence is? Here is a quick overview.


Data Science or Business Intelligence.

Depends on the maturity of your organization.

What is the relationship between data science and business intelligence? Over the years I have been asked this question many times, and of course the answer depends.


A Short History of Business Intelligence

Oh, how things have changed

A glance back at the history of business intelligence allows us to see how far we have come.


DuckDB complements BI

Modern query execution powered by a data model.

We are super excited to embrace DuckDB at Omni. This powerful new analytical engine has a direct application to power performant BI.


Start-up’s Guide to Analytics

Crawl, then Walk, then Run to data driven decision making

From strategic to tactical, analytics power decisions at all levels of an organization. This Start-up's guide to analytics offers advice for various stages of a company's growth.


Analytics made faster with Apache Arrow

BI tools should be fast.

Business intelligence tools should be fast enough to keep up with your train of thought. Apache Arrow makes it faster.


URL is minimum viable product for sharing

aka…building a collaborative business intelligence product

We have crafted our URL for collaboration and a user experience that creates greater depth of understanding, and one that opens up both better, faster analysis and simple, logical sharing.


Two opposing modes of business intelligence

And why your organization needs both.

Business Intelligence has oscillated on a wave of lightweight ad-hoc analysis and centralized governed platforms. This has mirrored the advances and constraints of database technology.


Three considerations when choosing an analytics platform for product teams

One product manager’s POV

Let us look into three considerations when choosing an analytics platform for product teams; speed of analysis, analysis depth and breadth, and consistency and trust.


TechCrunch Article on Omni Series A Funding

Reporter Kyle Wiggers covers Omni funding announcement

Techcrunch reporter Kyle Wiggers writes an aritcle on the Series A funding Omni received ito build out a new business intelligence platform.


Press Release: Omni Announces Launch and $26.9M in funding

Unified Business Intelligence Platform Omni Announces $26.9M in funding


Introducing Omni, the new generation of business intelligence

Combining the consistency of a shared data model with the freedom of SQL.

Omni, business intelligence that starts with fluid data exploration, and matures to structured data model that promotes the accurate and efficient use of data.


A Database is not a Data Model

And why interaction matters

A data model is an abstraction that helps you understand and use data. It includes tables and columns in a database, and so much more. It should not be confused with a database.


The rise of dbt

One persons point of view

dbt has been the most significant improvement to the cloud data warehouse since the growth of Snowflake and BigQuery. We take a look at the rise of dbt, what makes it so powerful and the right ways to complement dbt in the data stack.


The CDN for data

Bringing web best practices from Content Delivery Networks to business intelligence

Learn how Omni is bringing web best practices from Content Delivery Networks, a cdn for data, to business intelligence. This practice of cascading caches can speed up access to data.


Self-serve and governed data models

Finding balance in your analytics environment

Humans have to make trade-offs between pragmatic and scalable. For a data team, it means: how to balance self-serve and governed data models for your analysis.


Rittman Podcast, Drill to Detail - Ep 96

Omni’s Mission to Answer the First 100 Questions

Mark Rittman is joined by Colin Zima, co-founder of Omni and ex-Head of Analytics at Looker. Omni, an analytics startup, is the fastest way to turn SQL into intelligence