We want you to live lighter.

Here at Omni we believe in experiences over things, access over ownership, and Living Lighter rather than being weighed down by our possessions.

Omni is a digital marketplace of rentable goods in your area.

Use our app to rent things at the push of a button. Together we’re building a community that values experiences over things.

Our services are currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Los Angeles, and Portland. Stay tuned for more to come soon!


To date, Omni has raised more than $40MM in venture capital and through strategic partnerships.

We live by our values.

  • Act Like Owners

    We take responsibility for what is ours but recognize that some of the best work comes from the inclusion of diverse perspectives.
  • Powered by People

    Delighting our members and our teammates is what drives us. People are at the center of every decision
 we make.
  • Effective
 and Efficient

    We move quickly while maintaining the integrity of our work. Testing and iterating is the name of our game.
  • Build Trust Through Openness

    Feedback is sacred. Honesty with ourselves and transparency with our teammates helps us to develop trust, empathy, and understanding.
  • Change Makers

    At the heart of it all, our goal is to shift how the world thinks about ownership. Giving communities easy access to the things they need makes this real; rental-by-rental, one city at a time.
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