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Snowflake Ventures invests in Omni

Building the future of self-service BI and data modeling

Snowflake + Omni

I’m excited to share that Snowflake Ventures has invested in Omni.

We built Omni to close the gap between trusted, governed BI experiences and fast, flexible data exploration — to finally make self-service a reality for all decision-makers. From the start, we knew Snowflake would be a strategic partner, given our shared commitment to analytics ease of use and scalability. This next step in our Snowflake relationship expands our ability to make insights from the Snowflake AI Data Cloud accessible to any decision-maker at any organization.

"Together, Omni and Snowflake help customers deliver scalable, intuitive analytics experiences to their organizations and customers. By letting users query, model, and iterate on data stored in Snowflake with a flexible, familiar UI and features like Calculations AI, Omni can help users answer questions at nearly the speed of thought. We expect this combination to continue freeing up time for data teams to invest their talents in innovative, monetizable product developments.” Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake

Though ‘self-service’ might sound cliché, most organizations still haven’t given their teams — Product, Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Finance — the tools to independently analyze data and create customer-facing content. Data teams juggle various tools to meet diverse needs, leading to inconsistent analysis and tightened control. Meanwhile, decision-makers are left wanting, and the pile of requests for new analyses and dashboards just keeps growing.

After decades of BI tools attempting to solve the problem of self-service, we still hear about this challenge from customers all the time: they had to piece together multiple BI tools — bundling Looker, Tableau, Excel, etc. — and it still didn’t help them meet their goals.

"As the leader of a data company, I'm constantly looking towards the future to ensure Census and our customers are using the best. We chose Omni for business intelligence and embedded analytics because we trust it to deliver the fast, accurate answers our team and customers deserve. The combination of Omni and Snowflake helps us build exceptional data products and scale our operations, and I'm excited to see what they help us do next." Boris Jabes, Founder and CEO of Census

Feedback from Omni’s expanding global customer base confirms that we turn the concept of self-service into reality. We help all customers, including mutual Snowflake clients like Rose Rocket, Sifflet, The Rounds, and Trint, capture the full value of their data.

We do this in two novel ways.

First, Omni meets users where they are to help everyone answer their own questions — regardless of technical skill. We do this by merging no-code, point-and-click interfaces, Excel functions, SQL, and AI into a single platform. This versatility allows non-technical teams to independently conduct analyses and quickly build data products, bypassing the usual reliance on separate BI tools for different users.

Second, we enable collaborative data modeling that replaces traditional, top-down workflows without compromising speed or governance. Data teams can curate standardized metrics across the org, which serve as starting points for non-technical teams to create and refine their own metrics. Then, using our deep integrations with tools like dbt and Git, data teams can validate and concretize these metrics, further reinforcing that shared business logic. Altogether, this combination of governance and flexibility — what we call just-in-time data modeling — ensures users can get fast, reliable answers to pressing questions.

With this investment, we are excited to bring improved self-service and modeling magic into Omni and the Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

If you’re attending the Snowflake Data Cloud Summit this June, I’d love to meet you in person. You can swing by our pink Omni booth (#1217) and join my chat with Rose Rocket on Wednesday, June 5th at 11 am: Unlocking Self-Service on Unstructured Data with Omni.

And if you’re not attending Snowflake, we’d still love to chat! You can join our next LinkedIn Live with Colin Zima on May 29th and meet with our team to see Omni in action!