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Press Release: Omni Announces Launch and $26.9M in funding

Omni Series A

On August 16, 2022 we announced its public launch with $26.9 million in funding, including a $17.5 million Series A led by Redpoint, with participation from First Round and GV. Its $9.4 million Seed was led by First Round and joined by Redpoint, GV, Box Group, Quiet, Scribble and more than 100 angel investors.

“We're thrilled to work with Omni — and I'm excited to back them as an angel investor — because they make it possible to have it all: consistency, reliability, and speed,” said Parker Conrad, CEO and cofounder of Rippling. "In fact, we share a worldview as builders of compound startups. Our challenges couldn't possibly be solved by narrow point solutions, and the Omni team has taken the far harder but more helpful path of building a platform with breadth and depth. As repeat leaders in the same corporate space, they've seen firsthand the opportunity and how best to address it going forward, something that's clearly informed the product we’re using today."

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