dbt Integration, Transposed Tables, and Dynamic Schemas

December 1, 2023

dbt Integration #

Omni now closely integrates with dbt! By connecting your dbt git repository to Omni, we can pull in metadata from dbt such as field descriptions and even the code powering dbt models making it easier to trace logic and keep everyone in the business on the same page. We’ve also added a ‘push’ integration - allowing you to author dbt models directly from Omni queries. Learn more in our docs and read about our vision for Omni and dbt.

Omni dbt Integration

Transpose tables #

Ever wanted to put the columns where the rows go and the rows where the columns go? Now you can with a new ‘swap columns and rows’ toggle on tables. Makes it easy to create transposed tables that go from this: 

Tables before transposed

to this: 

Table after transpose

Schema parameterization #

Using user attributes, you can now have each user dynamically query a different schema. Particularly useful in embed setups where there’s one schema per client and each client needs to see their own.

Easier to find download button #

A small but useful improvement! We’ve added a button directly to the workbook toolbar to download results to either CSV or Excel.

Omni download button