Embed Events, Dynamic Columns & Tables, Branch Mode & Git Integration (GA), Single-tile Scheduling and more!

June 12, 2024

Period Over Period Comparison #

Built-in support makes it easy to compare metrics across time periods!

Embed Event Signaling + Listeners #

Check out our new event listening framework for embedded applications designed to monitor activity within the Omni iframe, enabling the orchestration of experiences outside of Omni.

Filter By Another Query #

You can filter one tab by the values that appear in another by first creating the query by which you want to filter (e.g. "Users who bought Calvin Klein in the past 30 days") and then creating the query you want to filter with your first query. For our SQL folks, this generates WHERE clauses that look like WHERE IN (SELECT...) where that SELECT is the filtering query.

Branch Mode + Git Integration #

Branch mode and the git integration features are generally available for all! Looking to test your changes before promoting them to the shared model? Try out branch mode. Additionally, you can pair branch mode with a git integration (currently only supports GitHub) to add version control to your Omni model changes.

Single-tile Scheduling #

Expands the options for scheduling beyond scheduling an entire dashboard. This is also the foundation for future alerting features, stay tuned!

Single tile scheduling

New Analytics Dashboard Tiles - Schedules & Permissions #

Added more analytics for you to see usage metrics on schedules and user permissions!

Analytics Dashboard Tiles - Schedules & Permissions

Other great updates! #

  • Enable in-app logging capabilities to enhance observability for the most critical actions. Reach out to us to get this feature enabled on your Omni environment!

  • Move legends to the left, right, or bottom of a chart.

  • Access filters can now be set globally which provides even better data control in embedded environments.

  • Improvements made to Omni AI for better filtering and error handling.

  • default_topic_access_filters and default_topic_access_grants apply access filters or access grants to all topics, even if not explicitly specified.

  • Support for IDENTIFIER function (in databases dialects that support it, including Snowflake) paired with filter from parameter. Used in an example: