Excel-style calculations, Topic Permissions, Dashboard Goodies, Databricks connector and more!

January 8, 2024

Excel-style Calculations (beta) #

Omni is bringing the familiarity of spreadsheets right to our calculation interface. Table calculations can be used to create ad-hoc metrics that are performed post query processing on the result set using a point and click interface and the same formula language as Excel. Read more about it here!

Excel-style Calculations

Topic-Level Permissions #

Topic-level permissions now let you provision which Topics a given user can query, making it easier to restrict table and field access (like locking down financial datasets!). Read more on how to set this up here.

Dashboard Enhancements #

Drilling on a dashboard now happens directly in-page rather than navigating the user back to a workbook - keeping you directly in the context of what you were doing.

Dashboard Enhancements

Filters can now optionally be hidden on a dashboard. They value will still be applied in the background to whichever tiles are listening (and can be manipulated via URL), but the control is hidden from the user.

Hiding filters on dashboards

New Conditional Formatting Rules #

Conditional formatting gets a big upgrade with a new option for single color rules. Create compound conditional logic to get the formatting just right (pro tip - formatting now works for text and date column types in addition to numeric)

New Conditional Formatting Rules

Databricks connector #

Attention all Databricks users - you can now connect your Databricks warehouse directly to Omni.

Databricks connector

Email Login #

If your organization doesn’t use Google or SAML, there’s now a new option for email-based login.

Email Login