Calculations, Cache Controls, and more Administration

January 26, 2024

New Table Calculation Goodies #

We have lots of fun new calculation capabilities this week.

Free text entry Arbitrary text can be entered in a calc column which opens up a whole bunch of new possibilities such as tagging and regrouping data, adding annotations to a row, adding new data to a query like rep quotas, creating static variables that can be used in other calcs, and the list goes on! See a demo here.

Free text on calculations
Calculations with free-text entry

Calc GPT Use the power of ChatGPT to help you write calculations - it has the knowledge of the full web of excel calculations at its disposal! Watch a demo here.

ChatGPT calcs

Pivots New pivot functions (PIVOT(), PIVOTINDEX(), PIVOTOFFSET()) are now available in the calculation syntax, unlocking new use cases like cohorts and period over period.

Screenshot of Pivots w/ calculations

Date Math Spreadsheets let you do things that most BI tools don’t, like simple date math functions (e.g. date + 1, date-date), but now Omni does! No more fiddling with datediffs, dateadds, and other dialect specific date functions - just write the calculation how you intuitively would in a spreadsheet.

Date Math w/ Spreadsheets

Schedule CSVs #

Ever wanted to send someone the actual data behind a dashboard? Now you can with a new scheduler format that will zip CSVs of every tile on the dashboard.

Schedule delivery as image

Cache Policy Control #

Query caching is now configurable! You can set and apply cache policies at both the model and topic level. Caches can even be set per piece of content by setting it on a given workbook’s model (rather than in the shared model). Read more about it here.

Field Level Permissions #

In addition to topic-level permissions (which lets you limit which Topics a user can query), we now have field-level permissions! This makes it possible to restrict fields to certain users - read more here.

User Groups #

Add your users to groups, making it easier to provision roles and access in bulk.

User Groups