Slack scheduling, usage analytics and more!

February 2, 2024

Slack Scheduling

Slack scheduling! Deliver those beautiful Omni dashboards to where your company lives (we already have 4-5 running internally)

Corey RudermanCorey Ruderman

Model Pushdown for Spreadsheet Calcs

Model pushdown for spreadsheet formulas. We've been blown away at how much spreadsheet UX has opened up data modeling. Soon you can save a reuse those calculations anywhere.

Calcs, Workbook, Modeling

Content foldering

Foldering (personal and shared) for dashboards and workbooks - continuing to make the most robust sharing system for dashboards of any BI app

Luke BowermanLuke Bowerman
Content Discovery

Better Dashboard Filtering and Sorting

Lots of nice polish - More seamless dashboard interactivity (no more flashing on sort); more single record config


Single Record Config

New controls for formatting single record visualizations.

Nate AgrinNate Agrin
Visualization, Workbook

Omni Usage Analytics GA

with SSO

Omni usage analytics for everyone - launching analytics to every Omni admin

Administration, Embed