Dynamic Fields (Parameters), Sudo / Permissions Testing (Launched), In-Database Aggregate Awareness, & More

April 19, 2024

Dynamic Fields


The first look at dynamic fields - fields coupled to filters for dynamic analysis. Toggling dimensions, measures, or timeframes can now be done through filters, allowing deep interactivity on content.

Jamie DavidsonJamie Davidson
Workbook, Modeling

Sudo / Permissions Testing


Sudo now allows admins to use the app as other non-admin users, ensuring permissions are set as intended for both application functionality or data access - no more guessing.

Jamie DavidsonJamie Davidson

Bring Your Own Aggregates / In-Database Aggregate Awareness

Bring your own aggregates - aggregate awareness can now be configured in the data model for objects like dbt roll-ups. These can then be dynamic queries to reduce spend and improve performance. This will complement the browser-based DuckDB aggregate awareness.

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Modeling, Performance

Embed Post Requests / Embed Messaging System


A new framework for post requests in the embedded app, allowing for more dynamic experiences - here we show an order form modal

Elliot ParkElliot Park
Embed, Administration

Dashboard Explore Workflow

A UX reworks for exploring data from a dashboard (now without disrupting the dashboard's data model)

Luke BowermanLuke Bowerman
Dashboard, Workbook

Tables Rework + Subtotals


A new cleaner table experience, including subtotals and non-repeated values.

Richard CzechowskiRichard Czechowski
Visualization, Table, Workbook, Dashboard