AI Copilot + History, Environment Variables for dbt, Legend Controls & more

June 14, 2024

Little bit of everything this week...

AI Copilot + History

Behind a flag

New AI copilot for query building - completely new UI experience, plus clean history of prompts

Gustav StapransGustav Staprans
Workbook, Ai

Environment Variables for dbt


Environment variables for dbt. We need to be able to support in-production dbt environments, and that means coupling with environment variables for tight dynamic schema support

Buck RyanBuck Ryan
Dbt, Modeling

Top and Bottom Legend


Top and bottom legends - continuing the push on new, better vis

Nate AgrinNate Agrin
Visualization, Workbook, Dashboard

Optionally Unpivoted Period-Over-Period


Unpivoted period-over-period metrics - making it simpler to rearrange tables even with our magical field types

Tags: Workbook

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot

Scheduler Timezone Controls


Scheduler timezone control - making sure every schedule is completely clear on what time means

Eli CohenEli Cohen
Scheduling, Administration

Better Long Names in the IDE


And little IDE brush up for long names

Jared HardyJared Hardy