Dynamic Tables - Links and Events, Default Row Level Access Controls, Snowflake Native App, & more

June 7, 2024

One more eight-pack up and down the app –

Default Row Level Access Controls


Default row-level access controls. Now rather than encoding access-filters on individual topics, they can be default-set globally. A new best practice for embedded deployments to lock up data by default, even through topics.

Conrad SlimmerConrad Slimmer
Modeling, Administration, Embed

Snowflake Native App

A first look at work on our Snowflake native app, with the full app deployed in Snowflake alongside the database

Chris MerrickChris Merrick

Embedded Dashboard Organization

The first demo of embedded dashboard saving and sharing - the full power of the app in an iframe

Elliot ParkElliot Park
Embed, Content Discovery

Moving Legends Left/Right


New functionality to move legends around. Starting with left/right, the next focus of work will be on bottom/top legends. Some better erroring as well.

Nate AgrinNate Agrin
Visualization, Workbook, Dashboard

Access boost Through Access Grants Controls


A new control to allow access boost through grants. In rare cases with topic or column security, the raw data can remain locked, but optionally poked through on a specific piece of content. Will not allow for access filter (row-level) passthrough.

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Modeling, Administration

Front-End Drill Path Controls

Everyone wants to sidestep modeling in the model, now drill paths can be controlled from the workbook - easier ad hoc drilling, and, like everything else, promotable to the shared data model

Jamie DavidsonJamie Davidson
Workbook, Modeling

Scheduling Single Tiles on Dashboards


The launch of single-tile scheduling. Now folks can send just one tile from a workbook or dashboard. Next up is alerts.

Luke BowermanLuke Bowerman