Table Styling, Excel Downloads With Formulas (Launched), Stickier Vis Config (Launched), & more

May 10, 2024

Table Styling

Lots of work to fully customize table styling - color controls for headers and table, better hover state, striping

Sarah WatersonSarah Waterson
Table, Visualization, Workbook, Dashboard

Excel Downloads With Formulas


Excel downloads that keep your formulas 🤯

Richard CzechowskiRichard Czechowski
Calcs, Workbook, Export

Stickier Vis Config


More work to keep vis config changes sticky with query updates

Nate AgrinNate Agrin
Workbook, Visualization

Hierarchical Dimension Drilling


The launch of hierarchical drilling for dimensions, plus an update to our git workflow

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Modeling, Workbook, Dashboard, Git

Workbook Nav + URL Changes


Improvements to workbook navigation, the launch of our new URL schema, and more workbook touch-up

Luke BowermanLuke Bowerman