XLOOKUP, Embedded Workbooks, Dynamic Fields / Select Fields From Filters, & more

May 3, 2024

Absolutely massive week.


Launched behind a flag

The launch of xlookup, bringing cross-tab analysis to any user. Now time series joins across tabs, fact lookups, etc are trivial in the workbook - continuing the strategy of bringing the best of spreadsheets into Omni.

Cathy LennonCathy Lennon
Calcs, Workbook

Embedded Workbooks


A first look at the embedded workbook experience; now customers can share full analytical experiences with their customers alongside curated dashboards in embedded use cases

Gustav StapransGustav Staprans
Embed, Workbook

Dynamic Fields / Select Fields From Filters


The launch of dynamic fields in Omni, allowing tables columns to be controlled by filters entirely in the front-end - timegrain swappers, dimension swappers, and measure swappers are now available for flexible analysis workflows (dashboard support coming soon)

Jamie DavidsonJamie Davidson
Workbook, Modeling

Parameters / Filter Passing into Fields


Filters can now be injected into fields for parameterized reporting - opening up use cases like dynamic formatting, forecasting, or simply filters that can pass to calcs in the UI

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Workbook, Modeling, Analysis Pattern

Filter Passing Between Dashboards


Now model urls arguments can accept dashboard filters for complete context on cross-drilling experiences (passing the full filter context from one dashboard to another)

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Dashboard, Modeling, Analysis Pattern

dbt Dynamic Schema Migration


New tooling to migrate a data model to dynamic schemas. This opens up the ability to test dbt changes on test schemas across the full app.

Dbt, Modeling, Administration

More Tables - Descriptions, Conditional Formatting Bars


Lots of work on tables: optional field descriptions in the table; touch-up to allow conditional formatting on table bar charts, and a bunch of polish across the table experience

Richard CzechowskiRichard Czechowski
Table, Visualization, Workbook, Dashboard

Period-Over-Period Clean-Up


Some touch-ups to the period-over-period experience to clearly explain the time slices

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Workbook, Analysis Pattern