Filter by Query, Field Swappers on the Dashboard, New Permissions Reporting

May 17, 2024

Filter by Query

The results of one tab can now be used as a filter for another query. This enables filtering for user lists or other ID sets (or even multiple user groups!) and then passing the results to another query. This opens up fast cohorting or on-the-fly analyses to end users without SQL.

Steven TalbotSteven Talbot
Workbook, Dashboard, Analysis Pattern

Field Swappers on the Dashboard

The addition of field swappers to dashboards (still a work in progress). Soon swapping between dimensions, swapping between measures, or swapping between timeframes can be done through the filter UX on dashboards. More interactivity for end users.

Jamie DavidsonJamie Davidson

New permissions reporting

No demo for this one, but here's a screenshot (names and emails hashed, but viewable and drillable in-app)!

New Permissions Reporting